Having Trouble Logging Into Blackboard?

If you are experiencing trouble logging into Blackboard, we have some questions that might help guide you in the right direction.

First: Are you a new student?

If you are, be sure you have finalized your enrollment by visiting TigerEnroll (https://enroll.fhsu.edu/TigerEnroll/Enrollment/). If you have finalized your enrollment, then you should be able to access Blackboard once the semester begins.

Second: Are you a returning student and can you log into TigerTracks (https://tigertracks.fhsu.edu/TigerTracks/)?

If you can log into TigerTracks but not Blackboard, then you will need to contact TigerTech during our hours of operation: http://www.fhsu.edu/tigertech/

However, if you cannot log into TigerTracks, then be sure you have activated your TigerNet IDhttp://www.fhsu.edu/activate/

If you have already activated your TigerNet ID, then you may just need to reset your passwordhttp://www.fhsu.edu/tigertech/TigerNetID-Password-Reset/

We hope this article has helped you find the solution you need. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact TigerTech during our hours of operation: http://www.fhsu.edu/tigertech/

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