Merged Blackboard Course Shells

Once your merge request is completed, you will see 3 shells; one master where you should put content and assignments etc… And 2 individual shells marked as unavailable.


This is what the students will see. They will not see the merged shell.

If you open one of the individual shells, you will see this warning message at the top:


How to hide course shells you don’t need:

1- On the “Welcome” page of your Bb, under “My Courses” module (box), click on the settings icon located on the right upper corner:


2-Then, un-check the boxes on the left side of each course you want to hide:


3-Click “Submit” and the classes will no longer be shown on your Welcome page. This will give you more control of what you want to view, and can be easily changed in the future if you want to access these courses.

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