Using Smart Views for Merged Course Shells

With smart views, you can view the progress of the following items:

  • An existing group
  • Student performance for a particular item
  • Individual students
  • Category and status of items
  • Custom combination of attributes

Instructors with merged course shells can use this feature to separate each of their child courses into their own grade center. This should make it easier to grade in in the individual sections. Especially if you have GTA’s assigned to grade for specific sections only.

*** Please be aware that this is not affecting anything in your grade center. You are simply adding Smart Views to sort out each child course section in your merged course shell.

The following steps will show you how to make a smart view for each child course in your merged course shell (MIS101_E-F-G-H_S2016 is being used as the example course):

  1. Go to your “Full Grade Center” in the control panel. Then use the “Manage” drop down button to select “Smart Views.”

Smart views 1

2. Once on the Smart Views page, select “Create Smart View.”

smart views 2

3. You will then need to name the Smart View, which we recommend you name them by section. For Example, if your merged course shell has sections A, B, and C, then you can name the Smart Views Section A, Section B, and Section C. This will help you match your child course sections in your merged course shell.

*** Make sure you add the Smart View as a favorite so each one will show up on their own under the control panel.

smart views 4smart views 3

4.  Next, select the view to be “Custom.”

smart views 5

5.  For the criteria, first select the user criteria as “Child Course ID.” Then change the condition to “Equal to.” Finally, you will input your child course ID in the value box.

smart views 6

6.  For the filter results, select “all columns” to ensure that all the grade center columns will stay the same for each child course from the merged course shell.

smart views 7

7.  Finally, hit submit to save this feature.  smart views 8

8. You will need to repeat steps 1-7 for each individual child course section to have a Smart View. A few changes you will need to make each time you repeat these steps:

  • In step 3 you will need to change the section name.
  • In step 5 you will need to change the Child Course ID value for the corresponding section you are making the Smart View for.

This is how your smart views will now look in your grade center and control views 9

smart views 3














When you select the Smart View you created, it will take you to the grade center, which will show you which child course the students are all in.

smart views 11














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