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TILTed Tech Mini Conference: Data Science

March 26, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Explore various techniques and technologies to analyze qualitative and quantitative data.

To register please visit: https://bit.ly/TILTedDataScience

11am-Noon – Data Manipulation and Analysis with Pandas
This presentation is a demo to show how we use Pandas to shape data sets and do cursory analyses in preparation for data modeling and analysis. Pandas is an open source library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data manipulation and analysis tools for Python programming language. (Dr. Sangki Min)
Noon-12:15pm – Lunch
Free meal tickets provided by the Office of the Provost
12:15-12:55pm – Data Science and Analytics
Data science, the application of scientific methods and computational approaches to learning from data (described broadly), extends researcher and analyst capabilities. This session will address some common aspects of data science, with an eye towards accessible analytics through available tools. (Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew of Kansas State University)
1:00-1:45pm – Data Modeling through Decision Trees with RapidMiner Studio
This presentation shows a walk-through of modeling data with decision trees in RapidMiner Studio, a free tool for education users (up to 5,000 rows of data). RapidMiner enables machine learning, data modeling, model testing, and various forms of data analysis, including with specialized add-in packages (which cost). This software has a friendly graphical user interface and enables interesting visuals. (Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew of Kansas State University)
1:45-2:00pm – Break
2:00-2:30pm – Exploring Qualitative Data Analytics with NVivo 12 Plus
NVivo 12 Plus is the leading qualitative data analytics tool in the commercial market today. It enables the manual creation of a custom codebook and the autocoding of large data sets based on the human-made codebook (with Cohen’s Kappa = 1 in many cases). It enables a variety of computational analytics: word frequency counts, text searches, sentiment analyses, topic modeling (theme extraction), and others. This tool enables visual explorations of both manual and computer-coded data. (Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew of Kansas State University)
2:40-3:20pm – Text Analysis with Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)
Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) is a lower cost tool out of the U of Texas and enables word counts for basic linguistic analysis and “psychometric”-based text analysis. This tool has been validated for psychological constructs and reliability; this tool has a long publication history and rich applications, such as the prediction of fraud, suicide, gender, psychological states, authorship, and other topics. Custom dictionaries may be used with LIWC as well. This session will introduce LIWC and showcase some of the public talks by FHSU administrators…to offer some light “psychometric profiling” from their words. (Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew of Kansas State University)
3:30-4:00pm – Incorporating Qualitative Data from Comments to Expand Likert Responses
A Likert scale generates seemingly quantitative data in the sense that the data can be counted and organized in numerical fashion. Nevertheless, Likert data developed from self-reported perceptions of participants across a limited range of options can lead to unreliable results and conclusions with limited validity. A more straightforward and robust system entails embracing the qualitative nature of open-ended comments and reflections from survey respondents, and analyzing their words interpretively to discover attitudes, beliefs, and intentions from a human perspective. An example of such a process, in which color coding was used to identify themes and to group content for building a coherent narrative, will be illustrated and justified. (Dr. Robert Scott)
The Presenters
Dr. Sangki Min
Assistant VP Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Improvement
Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew
Instructional Designer
Kansas State University
Dr. Robert Scott
Assistant Professor
Teacher Education


MU – Stouffer Lounge


Teaching Innovations & Learning Technologies (TILT)
Forsyth Library