December 1, 2023
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TILTed Tech (Zoom)

March 21 @ 12:00 pm 3:00 pm

TILTed Tech is a series of mini conferences to inspire teaching, technology and scholarship. The event series is a collaboration between Forsyth Library, Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies, and Technology Services. 

Session 1 (Noon – 12:50) – Tools and Methods for Collaborative Learning Part 1

Team Charters – Ron Rohlf
A Team Charter can help students create clarity and accountability regarding the expectations, roles, and deadlines for their work. Learn about how to use a Team Charter with your collaborative student teams.

Jigsaw Activities – Lori Patrick
Jigsaw activities are a great way to introduce students to content while they interact with each other in small groups. This teaching technique works well in both lecture and lab settings.

Collab learning with students in China – Jane & Bruce Miller
The mini-session will focus on:
-restrictive ‘freedom’ – being in control and giving the students leeway
-grading collaborative projects – ensuring equal participation
-methods students use – focus on results

Session 2 (1:00pm – 1:50pm) – Tools and Methods for Collaborative Learning Part 2

Collab learning in online graduate classes – Gary Andersen
Explore the engaging of online students through inquiry and authenticity.  Take a peek at some of the collaborative features of a graduate education course.

GoReact Software – Rhonda Weimer
Incorporating GoReact software for students to record interviews works well for collaborative learning. This software allows students to demonstrate their social work skills of  listening, engagement, and assessment, as well as a place for students, peers, and the instructor to readily provide feedback.

Collab projects with Kanban/Trello – Rachel Dolechek
Using the Kanban method and the Trello platform can help collaborative student groups visualize their work, understand who is responsible for each task, and meet their deadlines.

Session 3 (2:00pm – 2:50pm) – Tools and Methods for Collaborative Learning Part 3

Student Perspectives of Ed Technology Platforms for Collab Learning – TILT student reps & Magdalene Moy
This session delves into the student perspective of FHSU’s teaching and learning EdTech tools. Hear what is currently being used in our classrooms and what the student experiences are with those tools.

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