This website is too cool! Many of you might not know me, but I’m Taran Becker, and I worked as an intern for the Learning Technologies Group this semester. When Dr. Feldstein showed me the Hatnote site, I was amazed, and then because I’m a nerd, I showed my fellow interns, who also gawked at its unique design and creative function. Hatnote is a visualization of Wikipedia being edited in real time. It combines music and visual design in its teaching. Each bubble below symbolizes a change currently (at the time I took the picture) being made on Wikipedia. The size of the bubble represents the magnitude of the revision, and the following picture is a perfect example of the differences.


As you can see, “SALT” is an enormous bubble compared to “Preston,” meaning that someone is making a lot of changes to that page.

Additionally, in the bottom left corner, a small blue box shows the speed in number of edits per minute.

Find Hatnote Here!

Here is an interesting article on Hatnote.

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