Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning)

Atomic Learning is a long-standing tool here at FHSU. Atomic Learning provided faculty, staff, and students with a vast repository of short video tutorials over a myriad of subjects, including Microsoft’s Office Suite and Blackboard. In recent months, Atomic Learning has slowly transitioned into Hoonuit. Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies will begin converting all materials and references on our website, blog, and in Blackboard from Atomic Learning to Hoonuit.

So, what is the difference between Atomic Learning and Hoonuit? Atomic Learning focused primarily on just delivering content in the form of short, yet descriptive videos within packaged lessons. Hoonuit provides a different experience. Users will still be able to view brief videos, but they will now be able to engage in lessons via interactive segments, such as downloading an editable PDF and filling it in with information learned from the lesson’s videos. Hoonuit will add an extra layer of learning and evaluation to video lessons that formerly only delivered information.

Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see Hoonuit in the place of Atomic Learning in Blackboard, TigerTracks, and any other place where you used to be able to access Atomic Learning. The following is a short demonstration video on how Hoonuit lessons work:

If you have any questions while we transition from Atomic Learning to Hoonuit, please contact Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies at tigerlearn@fhsu.edu.

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