ilos is now VidGrid!

ilos Videos has rebranded and changed its name to VidGrid. What does this mean for us? As far as how we all use ilos/VidGrid, there will be no changes.  Blackboard integration remains the same and all existing features are still in place.  Most importantly, all your videos retain their existing links and will remain fully accessible.  There will also be no changes on how you create, share, and store videos.

Why the name change? Although ilos has become an extremely popular platform here at FHSU, many potential customers had no idea what ilos meant.  The name change is designed to align the name to the product function.  According to Nick Stokman, the CEO of VidGrid, earlier this year they “dug deeper into how their customers were using videos in their workflows” (Stokman, 2018). In the past, video was perceived as a one-directional platform. However, video is not a one-way street. At VidGrid, they “believe that the most effective video technology helps to facilitate a conversation, not simply lecture” (Stokman, 2018). VidGrid is the first two-way video platform, where not only can someone create a video, but the end user can now interact and respond.

To celebrate their name change VidGrid has added three new features to their platform, all of which work seamlessly together. Two-way Capture, the first of their new features, allows the video maker to not only record their screen, webcam, and voice, but also allows end viewers to capture videos that upload directly to the VidGrid user. Two-way Converse, the second new feature, opens the door to a conversation with each video that you send out. You can add questions, quizzes and polls, and calls-to-action. Lastly, Two-way Control allows you to be the master of your content. You can control all videos within a content management system and VidGrid will keep your videos up-to-date, secure, and accessible at all times (Stokman, 2018).

A training webinar for VidGrid will be held on Wednesday, September 5th in the Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies lab. To read more about this webinar, please visit

If you have any questions regarding VidGrid, please contact Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies at


Reference: Stokman, N. (2018, August 14). Introducing VidGrid: Video’s Most Interactive Platform. Retrieved August 28, 2018, from

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