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Collaborate is a Blackboard building block that allows students to learn and work together through video conferencing during the “Ultra Experience.” In a meeting, an instructor can share a document or an application or can use the Whiteboard, which allows anyone to participate in creating an image or diagram. Even when an application or file is front and center, chat messages still pop up, ensuring that everyone is getting his or her two cents in, thus achieving collaboration. The most unique and convenient aspect of Collaborate is the “hands up” feature: during a file share, application share, Whiteboard collaboration, or simple conversation, if a student has a question, he or she can click a button that will notify the instructor.

Additionally, if an instructor has a large class, he or she can determine who is next to speak using this tool. The instructor can then send that individual into the “presenter role,” giving him or her the spotlight to share new, bright ideas or ask questions others might benefit from. In the presenter role, a student has access to begin sharing; however, the teacher remains the moderator of the session with the ability to regain full control at any time. Try this new feature for group conferences, online classes, and so much more.

This video presents an example of classroom collaboration using Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience. Including file sharing, group annotation of the shared file, hand raise, notifications, video, and chat.

We have created a series of introductory tutorials for Collaborate Ultra that can be accessed here.

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