Keep Students Informed

As you prepare for the changes to your courses, consider the impact the circumstances may have on students’ ability to meet learning expectations. Moving a class online that was face-to-face could potentially be a major change to students and might disrupt their workflow. It’s important to maintain communication with your students and keep them informed.

  • Be present in the online environment. It’s absolutely crucial that you let your students know you are online and available to them as they were very used to meeting in person each day.
  • Be consistent with the digital tools selected for online communications. Be sure to post this information in a prominent location.
  • Set realistic expectations for how students should engage in the communication, including your preferred contact methods and how often they should communicate with peers in the online environment.
  • The fastest and easiest way to communicate with your students is to send out an Announcement in Blackboard.
  • It’s important to ask your students to modify their Notification Settings within Blackboard so they can receive any announcements in their email.
  • Utilize the Blackboard Calendar in your course so students can organize their course assignments and schedules.

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