Adding Icons Course Shell

Proper organization is important in course design. Icons can be a fun and effective way to guide students through modules.

Follow these steps to add icons to your items within your Blackboard Areas.

1. Create a new Content Area. To do this, click on the plus sign at the top of your course menu.


2. Inside of your new area, go to Build Content and select Item under Create.

3. Name your item and add your description for this item.

4. Once you’ve finished your description, move your cursor to the beginning of your description and hit Enter. Then, select Insert/Edit Image, and select the desired icon from your computer.

5. Next, under appearance, change the size of the image to  120 or 90 pixels in width, and change the alignment to Left. Click Okay.

7. Highlight only the text and click on Indent right until your text is at the desired location.

8. Finally, finish choosing the options for your new item and Submit.


Your finished product will be a nicely organized module for students to navigate.


The following link contains a zip file full of different icons for you to use.