Akindi: 3 Common Questions

1. How do I access Akindi? The best method for using Akindi in your course is to set up a hidden Content Area, and then in the Content Area, under Tools, select Akindi and finish setting up the tool. Once the Tool is created, click on the link and Akindi will open. Tutorial: http://tigerlearn.fhsu.edu/knowledgebase/setting-up-akindi-in-your-course-shell/

2. Is Akindi online only? No. Akindi allows you to design your exam and key in Blackboard, then you administer your exam on paper to your students.

3. How do I upload my exams to Akindi? You can either scan/email your filled in exams to your email as PDF’s and then upload them manually, or you can scan/email your filled in exams directly to Akindi by using your Akindi specific email. Tutorial: http://tigerlearn.fhsu.edu/knowledgebase/uploading-exams-to-akindi/