Average Column and a Total Column in Blackboard

In Blackboard you may create Average Columns and Total Columns.

Total and Average are computed very differently. Many faculty use Average when they are looking for a Percent.

The Total Column displaying percent is computed by adding the actual points given and dividing by the total points possible

The Average Column (Often used for information only) adds up the percent values for each column and divides by the number of items

In this example I’ll use student named Bb Student.

Homework 1(HW1) is worth 10 points:  Note: the student received 1 point extra credit on the homework. Quiz 1(Q1) is worth 50 points. The total point value is 60.

Total = 11 (points received on Homework1) + 30 (points received on Quiz 1) = 41 out of 60 points possible=68.33                                                                                                                                                               capture                                  

Average = 110 (percent received on HW1) + 60(percent received on Quiz 1)/ 2 (number of items) = 85.00% (110+60)/2=85.00%


Here is another view of how each score is computed

Name How Total is computed How Average is computed
STUDENT BB ( 11+30) =41    41/60* = 68.33% —–>D+ (110%+60%)/2= 85%—–>B

*60 is the number of total points possible

To have Blackboard display a Percentage in the Total column

1-Go to the Grade Center in the desired Course

2-Use the dropdown arrow to the right of Total Select Edit column Information


3-In Part 2 set Primary Display or Secondary Display to Percentage.


If you want students to see the Total as a percentage, choose Percent for Primary Display.

Only Faculty see Secondary Display.

In the above example Percent is set in the Secondary Display. This is Account Faculty student