Best Practices For Grade Center Management

Column Management in Grade Center

1. Deleting Assessments:

If you make an assessment for your students and you indicate points possible (or for grading), Blackboard will create a column in the Grade Center automatically:


– If you have assessments (tests, assignments, Safe Assign, Discussion Board forums, etc…) that you didn’t use or you are not planning to use, you need to delete them from the content areas (where they are deployed).  Once you delete these assessments from the Content Areas, the associated columns in the Grade Center will be deleted automatically. You cannot delete the Grade Center Column of these assessments without deleting them from the content areas.

-If you decide to hide these columns from the student view, make sure to select “Hide from Students (on/off)”


2.  The Hide from Students (on/off) Option:

– If you are grading any kind of an assessment in the Grade Center and you want to hold the grades and then release them all at once for your students, you can hide the column from your students’ view, then show it at the time of grade release. Hidden columns from you students’ view will show up in your view with a red bar crossing a circle:



After you selected the Show/Hide to Users option, you can hide it from you view using Hide Column. Hidden columns in the Grade Center can be shown again through the Manage area>>>Column Organization


3. Show hidden columns in Grade Center

If you hide a grade center column from the instructor view, and you wish to unhide it so you can delete/edit it, follow these instructions:

1. In your full grade center, go to “Manage” and select “Column Organization.”


2. The columns that are hidden will appear like this:



3. To make the column available again, check the box next to the desired column, and then at the bottom of the page hover over “Show/Hide.” A drop down menu will appear and you can select “Show Selected Columns,” and then select Submit.



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