Blackboard New Features & Improvements

Instructors can now create audio and video feedback recordings for students. Each recording can be up to 5 minutes long. This option can be found in the third row of the toolbar.
Instructors can review, annotate, and grade submissions and publish the grades back to students through the Bb instructor App.
Instructors can now track attendance within Blackboard. This feature is integrated within Bb. When the instructor begins taking attendance, an attendance column is created in the grade book. It is important to note that this feature is not Qwickly attendance.
Instructors and students now have the ability to download documents with annotations. Students are able to download the annotated document after their submission has been graded.
Now, instructors can grant reconcile grade permission to delegated graders. This will allow final graders the ability to reconcile a grade after it has been graded.
Students are now able to clear a selection from multiple-choice questions. Students can double-click the multiple choice answer they selected to clear their choice.
Instructors can now grant an additional attempt for scenarios when the student needs one and the prior attempt can’t be cleared because it is in an anonymous state.
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