CampusPress: 3 Common Questions

1. How do I access CampusPress? If you are interested in using CampusPress for your classes, please contact TILT at

2. How do I add students to my Blog? Go to Users on your Dashboard Menu. Select ‘Add New’. Next, under Add New User, enter the students’ TigerNet ID as their Username, the students’ FHSU email and the role you want them to fulfill in the blog. If you receive a message stating that the email is already in use, then enter the students’ FHSU email and select their role under Add Existing User. Tutorial:

3. How do I create content? Content exists as Posts, Pages, or may depend on which plug-ins you have activated for your blog. To add new content, go to your Dashboard and locate the ‘+’ sign that says New at the top of the page. Select what you new item you would like to add. Then, you can title it, add text, add media, categorize it and publish it. Tutorial: