Creating Random Blocks Using Pools

Random Blocks are an ideal way to be sure that each student receives a different version of the test.
A random block is a group of questions retrieved from a question pool. Questions are randomly retrieved from the selected question pool based on the question type and the number of questions available in the selected pool.

How to Create Random Blocks:

*If enabled, be sure to disable the pop-up blocker for Blackboard Learn so that you can access the Create Random Block pop-up window.

  1. Access the test. From the Reuse Question menu, select Create Random Block.

2. In the pop-up window, select the check boxes for one or more pools.

3. Select the check box for at least one question type to include. All questions that meet the criteria appear.

4. Select Submit. The Test Canvas appears and displays a success message. The random block of questions is added to the test.

5. Select Number of Questions to display to access the pop-up box and type the number of questions you want students to see. Select Submit.

6. Select Points per question to access the pop-up box. Type a point value. This point value is assigned to each question in the random block. You can’t assign separate point values for individual      questions in the same random block. So, you may want to only include questions of approximately the same difficulty.

7. Select Preview questions that match selected criteria to expand or collapse the list of questions. You can view and edit individual questions.

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