Directly Submitting a Paper to SafeAssign

A second way to use SafeAssign is to “Direct Submit” an electronic copy of a paper that you suspect might contain language borrowed from other sources. Under that scenario, you need a digital copy of the file that the student submitted

1 Within your course, click on Course Tools in the Control Panel to expand that section, and then click on SafeAssign in the alphabetical list of tools:


2 On the SafeAssign page, you will see links for SafeAssignments in the course and for DirectSubmit. Click on the DirectSubmit link:


3 You will be taken to a Private Direct Submit page. If you are the only instructor for the course (and are submitting the student paper so that you alone can see the originality report), click on the Submit A Paper button. If you are team-teaching the course and want other instructors to be able to view the Originality Report, click on the Shared tab first, and then click on the Submit a Paper button:



4 On the Paper Submission page, in the Submission Options section, you’ll want to leave these two options (“Submit as draft”, and “Skip Plagiarism Checking”) unchecked. In the Upload File section, click on the Browse button to search for the file to upload:

Note: SafeAssign allows you to create a “draft” assignment that students can submit in order to have that draft checked for “originality”. If an assignment is a draft, it receives an originality report, but it doesn’t get added to the institutional database. (If the draft were added to the database, the final version would then come back as an almost 100% match, since it was so close to the earlier submitted draft.)


5. In the File Upload dialog box, you’ll need to navigate to the place on your hard drive where you saved the student file. Once you have found the correct folder, double-click on the name of the file to select it.

6 Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the button to send the files to SafeAssign for plagiarism checking.


7 Once the essay has been submitted, Blackboard will return you to the Private Direct Submit page. You will see a spreadsheet-like view, listing the file name of the paper submitted, with a green arrow icon in the File column, which allows you to access a copy of the document you submitted. The final column will list the date and time you submitted the file to SafeAssign. You won’t see any matching score in the “Matching” column or check mark in the “SA Report” column yet, since you just submitted the essay. Check the same Direct Submit Page few minutes later until the paper is processed (between 5 and 10 minutes) to see the SA plagiarism report.