Embed a YouTube Video in Blackboard

Every Fort Hays State faculty/student with an FHSU email has access to an account in YouTube. YouTube is very resourceful tool in Blackboard as you can upload a video to YouTube and add it to your course. You can embed YouTube Videos into assignments, discussion boards, blogs, etc.

To upload a video to YouTube:
1. Log into your google account using your FHSU email.
2. Click on the menu button and click on the more tab found at the bottom of the menu.
3. You then will click on the YouTube icon which will redirect you to the YouTube page.


4. On the YouTube page, you will want to click on the “My Channel” tab.


5. You will then click on the upload button that is found on the far right corner of the channel page.


6. You then will be redirected to a page where you can select a file to upload or you can drag and drop a video file. You will want to make sure when you upload a video that it is unlisted. You can do so by clicking the drop down arrow button and clicking on unlisted.


How to embed a YouTube video in blackboard:
1. Log into Blackboard and open up the destination where you will be embedding your YouTube video.
2. In the tool bar you will click on the YouTube icon.
3. A small window will appear, click on the button where it tells you to sign into YouTube.


4. Once you are signed in, you are able to browse your video library. After you have located which video you would like to embed, you will click on the Insert button


5. You will want to make sure you have clicked on the circle for Thumbnail in order for your video to be viewed correctly. You then will click on insert and your video will be uploaded.