Examity: 3 Common Questions

1. What is Examity? Examity is a recognized leader in remote test proctoring. Our relationship offers students a secure and convenient way to take online exams.  You will have the flexibility to select the Fairexam level of online test security and tailor the test environment to meet your specifications. You may access Examity directly from Blackboard, without the hassle of another username and password.  It also means that before using Examity for the first time, all pertinent information will be imported into the system for you, including class enrollment.

2. Why Use Examity? Examity will help us maintain standards across all classes, regardless of format. This is a critical factor in the success of our online education strategy.  Additionally, Examity is accessible, so all students may take advantage of the service.

3. How do I access Examity? We have intergrated Examity within Blackboard. If instructor would like to use Examity for the class, they will need to contact Examity Rep (Donna Somers at
dsomers@examity.com) to receive Examity Training and set up account.