Hoonuit (Formerly Atomic Learning): 3 Common Questions

1. Can you link Hoonuit lessons to the Blackboard grade center? Yes. Under ‘Build Content’ in a Content Area, select Atomic Learning under Mashups. You will then be able to name the content, provide instructions and assign a due date. In order to link this item to your Grade Center, look under ‘Services’ and select the box ‘Add to Grade Center/Resources Center’. From there you can choose how many points the item is worth, if it will display as percentage or points or as a score, and even whether to show the grade column to students. Click ‘Submit and Select Training’ and you will then be able to pull Hoonuit resources into your course. Tutorial: http://tigerlearn.fhsu.edu/knowledgebase/embedding-videos/

2. My students claim they have finished the Hoonuit lesson, but I cannot see their scores. The most common issue is that students have not actually finished the entire lesson. If students do not complete 100% of the assigned lesson, then their grades will not show up in the Grade Center.

3. Do I have to include entire lessons? No. After setting up the options for your Hoonuit/Atomic Learning item, you will be prompted to select content. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a list of the videos within the lesson. Next to each video is a check box. If you click on the check box, that will remove it from the content that will be pulled into your course. Additionally, you can ‘select all’ and ‘deselect all’ by clicking the box at the very top left of the video list.