Hyperlinks in the Text Editor in Blackboard

When linking to sites, images, docs, etc. external to Blackboard we can use the hyperlink feature.

It’s always a good idea to have two browser windows open when posting hyperlinks to Blackboard. One window can be the target website you are linking to. The other browser window should be your Blackboard course.

All links in Bb have to be set to open in a New Tab/Window

Step 1: Once you’ve created a thread in the Discussion Board, an Announcement, an Item, give it a name in then paste the URL of the website in the textbox. You can also highlight a text (or a word) you wish to make into a link, then click the Hyperlink button in the second row of buttons. It looks like a chain link.


Step 2: The Insert/Edit Link page will open in a pop-up window.

Step 3: Paste the entire URL (or web address) into the Link Path box.

Step 4: Change the Target to “Open in a New Window”

Step 5: Select Insert to save the link.