Making Your Course Available

The Course Availability setting is like an on/off switch for your entire course site. You may temporarily disable student access while preparing your course site, but be sure to make it available again when you want your students to use it. It is best to edit your essential course materials before making the site available in order to avoid student confusion.

There are two options to make your course available:                                                      

  1. You can use the traditional way, Go to Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability> Yes > Submit




  1. You can use the new feature Qwickly that allows you to make courses available in one button. Qwickly can be found in your Welcome Page.
  2. Next to the course you want available, make sure it shows the “on” feature in green to have the course available. If it is red/off this means the course is unavailable. To make it available just click on the button so it turns green/on



Note: If you are missing courses in your ‘MyCourses’ section, please contact the person in your department who acts as liaison to the Registrar’s office. Once the Registrar’s Office puts as the instructor of record, the system will push an update to Blackboard within 2 business hours and the Bb site will show up on your side.