Managing your Course List in Bb

Do you have a long list of courses in your Bb Welcome Page? The solution is easy:

Old courses can be hidden from your view. To have these courses not showing in your

view, on the “Welcome” page of your Bb, under “My Courses” module (box), click on the

settings icon located on the right upper corner:


As best practice we recommend you check the box that says “Group by Term” and then only check the box for the current term you are in. We also recommend you reorder the list accordingly to the most current semester term on top.


After you have submitted grouping by term, in your welcome page, “My Courses” will now show the current semester or the semester you chose to view:


Then, go to the Edit Course List tab and uncheck the boxes on the left side of each course you want to hide:


The arrow allows you to drag the course up and down in the list in order to arrange it

the way you want. Click “Submit” once you are done and the classes will not be shown at your Welcome

page anymore. Doing it this way gives you more control of what you want to view, and

can be easily changed in the future if you want to access these courses.

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