Piazza: 3 Common Questions

1. How do I access Piazza? Piazza can be accessed under the Tools area where you can create the link both under the menu area and Module folders. Tutorial: http://tigerlearn.fhsu.edu/knowledgebase/adding-to-course-menu/

2. How can students access Piazza? Once instructor set up Piazza in Blackboard, students can click the link and are able to register the Piazza account. Tutorial: http://support.piazza.com/customer/portal/articles/48000616670-instructors-view-class-statistics

3. Does Piazza connect to Blackboard Grading Center? Piazza does not have any grading features, however, some instructors use the Class Statistics page to award participation points. Tutorial: http://support.piazza.com/customer/portal/articles/48000616670-instructors-view-class-statistics

Piazza has created a playlist of tutorials that should help you get started with using this tool:

https: //support.piazza.com/support/home