Rubrics in Blackboard

What is a Rubric? A rubric is a scoring matrix, based on observable criteria, that facilitates the grading of subjective assignments (e.g., research papers or dissertations). The criteria are aligned with predetermined learning outcomes and distinct levels of mastery for each criterion measure are described and assigned point values.

Why use Rubrics?

  1. A rubric clarifies your expectations for students, indicates the relative importance of each criterion measure, and reduces student questions about why they received a particular score.
  2. Rubrics help to ensure consistency in scoring subjective assignments and can speed up the grading process, as well.
  3. Designing a rubric helps you clarify the desired outcomes and evidence of learning for each assessment activity.



Creating Rubrics in Bb

  • Select Rubrics in the Course Tools area
  • Click the Create Rubric
  • Give the rubric a name (required) and description (optional)
  • You’ll create your rubric in section 2, Rubric Detail:


Click Submit to save your rubric. Keep in mind that you can return later to finish/edit a partially-completed rubric.

Linking Rubrics to Assessments:

  • You can tie a rubric to an assignment, discussion, blog, wiki, journal, or free-response test item.
  • When creating or editing the assessment activity, click Add Rubric, then Select Rubric to see a list of already-created rubrics available for use


  • Select Create from Existing to adapt a rubric for that assessment activity
  • After selecting a rubric, enable student viewing of the rubric:


Grading Assessments with a Rubric

  • In Course Tools, select Grade Center, then Needs Grading
  • Click on the student’s name (under User Attempt) to View his/her assessment
  • Click on the Rubric button to assign points


  • Enter feedback, as appropriate, for each cell’s score


  • Click Save to record the rubric points, then submit to enter the score in the grade center.

Exporting and Importing Rubrics: Exporting a rubric allows you to share it with another Bb instructor and/or use it in multiple courses of your own.

  • Under Course Tools, select Rubrics
  • Select the rubric, then click Export


  • On the following page, choose Export to Local Computer; click Submit


  • Click the DOWNLOAD button; the rubric will be saved to your computer (usually in the “Downloads” folder) as a .zip file; you can share this rubric file with other Bb instructors
  • To import the rubric into a different Bb course site, log in to the “target” Bb site
  • Under Course Tools, select Rubrics, then click the Import Rubric button


  • Click Browse My Computer, locate the .zip file, and click Submit
  • A report will appear confirming that the file has been uploaded


  • Click OK to return to the list of available rubrics (including the imported one)