Setting Up Yellowdig

Yellowdig, a tool that finally allows instructors to incorporate a platform that students are already use to into the learning environment. Yellowdig is an online social community that is use to promote collaboration, engagement and perpetual learning. This tool has a modern feel to it thanks to its feed and pinning style that students are familiar with. Yellowdig also awards points to students for posting, commenting, tagging and liking.

Set Up Yellowdig:

1. Log into Blackboard

2. Access the course that you would like to set up Yellowdig in.

3. Go to a Content Area page, this is where you will set up a link to Yellowdig. If you do not have a Content Area page you can add one by clicking on the + sign right above your course menu then then click on Content Area.

4. In the Content Area page, click on Build content and then Yellowdig.


5. You will be redirected to a “Create Yellowdig” page, fill out all the required fields.

6. There is an option to enable the grading feature for Yellowdig. When you enable the grading option, you enable it for the remaining times you create a Yellowdig link in that course.

7. Make sure that the points in Yellowdig match up to the points in the Grade Center.


8. To sync grades into the Grade Center you will have to click on the Sync Grades button found in the Yellowdig page.


*Please note that in order for grades to configure, students have to go through the Yellowdig link that was originally created a couple times until they see that it says grades configured before they use the link from the course menu.


Add Yellowdig to the course menu:

  1. Click on the + sign at the very top of your course menu.
  2. Click on Tool Link.
  3. On type, click on the drop down arrow and choose Yellowdig.
  4. Make sure you check the box to make it available to the users.


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