Sharing VoiceThread in Blackboard

How to share your VoiceThread:

1. First you will want to share your VoiceThread with the whole course.

2. Make sure you are on the Home page. Hover over the VoiceThread you wish to share and click on the button with the arrow also known as the share button.

3. Select the course you wish to share the VoiceThread with.
a. You can select the course from the list or
b. Search it by typing the course name in the search box.

4. Also check the “allow them to” settings. Then, click on the Share button.

5. Once you have shared your VoiceThread with the class, click on the Basic tab.

6. Click on the Copy Link button. It has now been copied to your clipboard.

7. To paste in blackboard or in an email just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V.

*To view a video tutorial, please go to the following link-

*To access this tutorial in PDF form, please go to the following link-