VidGrid Video Platform: 3 Common Questions

1. How do I start recording? After activating your VidGrid account, click on the big, blue “Record” button at the top of the screen. This will download the VidGrid screen recorder for you. You will see a red icon at the bottom of your screen indicating that it has launched. Right click on this icon and select “pin to toolbar”.

2. My students can’t access my videos? Check the permission settings on the video(s) in questions. You may also want to go into your account settings and see what your default settings are. If you have not used VidGrid in a long time, you may want to make sure that you are linked to your current VidGrid account.

3. Why isn’t my webcam displaying while recording? After you open your recorder but before you start recording, you should see a small webcam icon next to the record button. Click on the webcam icon and select your webcam. Your webcam image should show up on the screen.