VoiceThread Comprehensive Introduction For Instruction

VoiceThread Comprehensive Introduction For Instructor


VoiceThread is now integrated within Blackboard. Here is link how to create VT link in your course – http://tigerlearn.fhsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/VT-Integration-in-Bb.pdf.

Once you have created a link you will be given four options to choose from: VT Home,
Assignment Builder, Individual VT, and Course View.

These option will determine where the instructor and the students will be taken once they click on the VoiceThread link made in the Bb course.


  1. VT Home


  • This will enable an access point to VoiceThread. If you (the instructor) or your students do NOT have a VT account, clicking on this link will create an account for you automatically (automatic sign-up).
  • If you (the instructor) or your students have already VT account through FHSU license, clicking on this link will sign you-in automatically (automatic sign-in) to your VT account.
  1. Assignment Builder


  • Assignment Builder allows instructors to create an assignment and grade their students’ VoiceThreads. Selecting the “Assignment Builder” option will automatically create a column in the grade center as well. Also, to be able to use this option you must first “Enable Evaluation” while creating a VoiceThread in your Bb course. For instructions on how, follow this link: http://tigerlearn.fhsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/Setting-up-Assignment-Builder.pdf


  1. Individual VoiceThread


  • Here you can view any VoiceThread that you have created. When students click this link, they will only see the current VoiceThread that you selected.
  • Once you have chosen the VoiceThread you want your students to view, you are given the link to the VoiceThread and the option to share it with the class.


  1. Course View


  • Course View lets you display the collection of VoiceThreads that have been shared with your course.
  • This will allow both students and instructors to view all VoiceThreads that have been shared with the class.



VoiceThread Activity Methods for Instructor


After creating a VoiceThread, there are different methods to allow your students interact/collaborate with it. Upon sharing, you are given three different options: Comment, View, and Edit.


  1. Comment
  • Commenting gives students the ability to comment on a slide in your VoiceThread


  • Example: If an instructor put a question in one of their slide, they can enable “comment” to allow their students post answer by commenting with audio or video.


  • Example: A Spanish instructor is introducing his/her class to a new word in one of their slides and he/she wants their students to pronounce it, enabling “comment” would allow students to practice and pronounce the word for the instructor.


2. View

  • Viewing is the general way for students to view the instructor’s VoiceThread. It only allows them to view the VoiceThread. Instructor can use this feature for lecturing purpose.


3. Edit

  • Editing allows students to be able to edit and customize the shared VoiceThread


  • Example: If an instructor has separated their class up into groups and they want each group to create a project using VoiceThread, instructor would initiate a VoiceThread for each group. The instructor would then share each Voice Thread with their designated group, making sure to select “Edit” for each one.



VoiceThread Group Assignments for Students


Group projects using VoiceThread allow multiple ways for your students to collaborate and work together on various topics.


Here is a scenario: An instructor could assign a group project for their students by using VoiceThread.

  1. The instructor would first have to create groups in Bb for the assigned students.
  2. Then one student in each group would take the role of initiating a VoiceThread for their group. The student needs to make sure that they select “Edit” when sharing the VoiceThread with their group, allowing permission for the other group members to edit the project.
  3. Once the project is ready for submission, the student that initiated the VoiceThread will submit or share the group project with their insturctor in Blackboard .

Sharing/Submitting VoiceThreads for Students


If an instuctor assigns an individual assignment to a student there are multiple ways the VoiceThread can be used besides just submitting the assignment.

  1. Linking
  1. Embeding
  • Example: If an instructor assigns students to post a VoiceThread in discussion boards, the student needs to get an “Embeded Code” from their created VoiceThread.


  • For instructions on embeding a code follow this link:



Printable PDF version: VoiceThread Comprehensive Introduction For Instructor