VoiceThread Integration in Bb

Voice Thread (VT) integration in Bb allows instructors to create a VT Link that can be a:

  1. VT Home: A Link for Sign-up and Sign-in to VT.
  2. VT Assignment Builder: Watch, comment or submit a VT Presentation
  3. VT Course View: To view all VT presentations of once course in one page
  4. Individual VT: To view a specific VT presentation.

To create a VT link:

  1. Enter the content area where you want to add the Voice Thread Activity link.
  2. Click “Build Content.”
  3. Click “Voice Thread.”

Now select how the link should “behave” according to the activity you want your students to complete by choosing one of these 4 options:

Option #1: Click “VT Home”


→This will enable an access point to VoiceThread. If you (the instructor) or your students do NOT have a VT account, clicking on this link will create an account for you automatically (automatic sign-up).

→If you (the instructor) or your students have already VT account through FHSU license, clicking on this link will sign you-in automatically (automatic sign-in) to your VT account.

Option #2: Click “Assignment Builder”


→When you create an assignment with assignment builder, an assignment grading column will automatically be generated in Blackboard Grade Center. Watch assignment builder tutorial below. (https://vimeo.com/439429815)

Option #3: Click “Individual VT”


Here you can view any VoiceThread that you have created. You can select a single VoiceThread that you created and share with your class. When students click this link, they will only see the VoiceThread that you selected.


Option #4: Click “Course View”


Course View lets you display the collection of VoiceThreads that have been shared with your course.


When you are ready to grade a student’s VoiceThread activity, click on the VoiceThread link that you have already created. If students have submitted their work, the “VT Grader” will be displayed. Review Grading Tutorial below:


Note: The grade will be immediately available through Blackboard Grade Center to the students.