Why can’t I Login to Bb? (Instructor and Student)

    1. Have you activate your TigerNet ID? To activate your TigerNet ID, please go to the following link, https://www.fhsu.edu/activate/.
      1. In most cases, the URL given by your institution directs you to the gateway page for logging in. If instead, you are directed immediately to the My Institution tab, you may also login through a button on the header frame or a special portal module.
  • Navigate to the URL provided by your institution.
  • Type your Username.
  • Type your Password. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Click Login.
    • New users see a welcome page that invites them to create a profile. Before creating a profile, you must accept the Blackboard Profiles Terms of Service in the pop-up window. If you do not agree to the terms of service, you will not be granted access to some tools. You can choose to create a profile later. To learn more, see Profiles.
    • Existing users see the My Institution tab.
  • Passwords enable access to personal information. To maintain security, do not share passwords with others. If you forget your password, see Forgot Your Password? If you want to change your password, see How to Change Your Password.