Yellowdig Features

Yellowdig is an online social learning community that is used with Blackboard. This tool has a modern feel to it with the feed and pinning style that students are used to which allows for a better chance of student participation. Yellowdig promotes collaboration, sharing ideas, and peer learning. Students earn points for completing/receiving various tasks/feedback: posting, commenting, liking, and tagging; these points can be synced to the Grade Center.

Point System

The point system allows students to earn pints for pinning, commenting, liking and tagging. There is a default point system in place but you can always manage the points. You can do this by:

1. Locate the “How Points Work” box on the far right side of the page and click on the pencil to edit the point system.


2. A “Board Followers Earn Points” box will appear. At the bottom right hand corner there is a “Manage Points” button, click on it.


3. You will then be able to adjust the points as you see fit. After you edit the points, click on the “Update Points” Button to save the changes.



Topics are the topics that are pertinent to a class or board. You can view all  topics on the side of your Yellowdig as well as the most trending topics. You can add, edit or delete topics by:

1. Locate the “Topics” box found in the far right side of the page.

2. Once located, you will be able to add, delete or edit topics by clicking any of those three buttons found at the top of the box.



The Leaderboard features the top 7 contributors on a board at any given time. The Leaderboard is an incentive for students to become a top contributor on a board. To access and view the leaderboard:

1. Locate the “Leaderboard” box in the far right side of the page.


2. Once you have located it, you can hover the students to see who is the top contributors and how many points they have.


Activity Report

Activity Report generates a reports for every user in your Yellowdig board. There are 3 different reports you can generate: Summary, Detail, and Weekly Points. To generate the reports:

1. Locate the “Activity Report” box in the far right side of the page.

2. Once you have located the box, you can adjust the dates for the report and choose which report you want to generate.


3. Click on the “Generate” button.

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