Piazza is a Blackboard building block and the perfect online homework management community to promote collaboration, discussion, and student-to-student learning. Students can ask questions about coursework problems and receive feedback from classmates. Often these question-and-answer posts will turn into threads of helpful information from different angles. After all, every student in the course has a unique perspective and might have a different solution method. Using Piazza is practical for college students because many often wait until after office hours to seek help. Who has the better accommodating schedule–the teacher or other students? Other students–who have the same schedules as their struggling counterparts. If everybody pitches in to offer advice and solutions, the student with a question will surely obtain the solution to learn it on his or her own.

Check out Piazza’s website for more details and information on how to get started!

Feel free to ask questions or provide your own feedback on your experience with Piazza.

Black board single building bloxk

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