Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

Academic honesty represents more than just preventing cheating. Practicing academic honesty among students helps them learn the importance of cultivating a respectable reputation, an essential asset to professional success. To help promote academic honesty in online courses, Learning Technologies offers Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. The Respondus tools allow instructors to establish parameters mimicking proctored environments, and they are already integrated into Blackboard.

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special internet browser that opens Blackboard and requires students to remain there, preventing unwanted web searching and surfing. If a student leaves the browser, then the exam is closed and the student’s score is recorded. To assign an exam to Respondus, instructors can simply deploy the exam in Blackboard and then activate it in Lockdown Browser, which can be found in Course Tools under the Course Management menu in Blackboard.

Parameters available in Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an additional feature that works within Lockdown Browser. When assigning a deployed exam to Lockdown Browser, instructors may choose to require students to use Monitor during the exam. Monitor utilizes the student’s webcam and video to observe student activity during exams to curtail cheating. Instructors are able to define the parameters students must fulfill in order to access the exam. Choices available to instructors include student photo, photo of a student’s ID, or environmental analysis to ensure the student is the only person in the room or the student is not utilizing extra materials or devices.

After satisfying Monitor’s requirements, the student is able to take the exam while Monitor records the student’s activity. Additionally, before students are able to access the exam, they are required to consent to being recorded by Monitor. Once students are finished, instructors can view the results of any parameters they established for students to fulfill prior to the exam. Furthermore, instructors can view the recordings of students taken during the exam. If Monitor detects any suspicious activity, it will “Flag” the specific times instructors should check within the recording.

Flagged time stamps in Monitor.

For tutorials on how to setup Respondus in your course, visit the following link: Respondus Tutorials.

For more information on how to best utilize Respondus Monitor and some tips & tricks, visit the following link: Respondus Monitor.

If you wish for your students to use Respondus, they can download Lockdown Browser here: Lockdown Browser Download

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