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Learning Technologies exists to help faculty discover and understand new technology enhanced learning tools. We can help faculty implement these tools into their course design. Or, we can explain the basic functions of different technologies. Either way, our mission is simple: Encouraging educational innovation to enhance quality learning at FHSU. 

To help us fulfill our mission, we’ve created a Knowledge Base of tutorials here on the Tiger Learn Blog. The Knowledge Base has been designed to guide faculty directly to the information they desire. We’ve created three main categories from which faculty can start: Blackboard Tutorials, Course Development, and Professional Development.


After selecting the appropriate category, faculty will discover subcategories that have been organized in even greater detail. Additionally, faculty can search for tutorials by using the search bar at the top of the page. If faculty search for a word or phrase, it will appear in the results if it’s in the title or the text, if the tutorial is written.

The Tiger Learn Knowledge Base contains tutorials covering the Blackboard Grade Center, Social Learning Tools, Multimedia Creation, Merit Policies, Reporting Last Day of Attendance, Best Practices in Blackboard, and the services of Forsyth Library. Furthermore, the Knowledge Base is intended to be a continually evolving tool. As new technologies and services materialize or new inquiries arise, the Knowledge Base will evolve in tandem.

The following video will provide a brief look at how to navigate the Knowledge Base:

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