February 4, 2023

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Join FHSU faculty and staff on Thursday, September 24 from Noon-3pm for a TILTed Tech mini-conference webinar. 

Register: http://bit.ly/TILTedSept24

Sessions include:

Noon – 12:45 | Supporting Chronically Stressed Students, While Also Preserving Ourselves

Presented by: Amanda Brown and Jessica Albin (Kelly Center)

Using self-care to combat the impact of chronic stress and practical ideas on how to support students who may be dealing with grief, isolation, and increased anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1:00 – 1:45 | Strategies for Supporting Students after Traumatic Events

Presented by: Gina Smith (Kelly Center) and Latisha Haag (TILT)

Moving home from college with less than a week’s notice. Losing a job due to a business’s shutdown. Learning content online that is normally delivered face-to-face. These challenges alone are enough to test a student’s resilience. Facing them during an unprecedented pandemic can intensify feelings of loss, helplessness, and anxiety. Traumatic events affect the ways people function and learn. As we interact with students, it is important to understand how trauma impacts the brain, to recognize student grief responses, and to learn ways to help support them. This session will cover the Fight, Flight, and Freeze responses and offer effective strategies to help students move forward during times of change and uncertainty.

2:00 – 2:45 | Student Retention and Early Tiger Alert

Presented by: Kathleen Cook (Retention and Success Center)

Learn about FHSU’s Early Tiger Alert system and how you can help support students.   Find out more about the new Early Alert features, and other FHSU retention initiatives.  

TILTed Tech is a series of mini-conferences for faculty and staff development that inspire teaching, scholarship and technology. The series is sponsored by Dr. Andrew Feldstein, Assistant Provost of Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies (TILT), Deborah Ludwig, Dean of Forsyth Library, and Mark Griffin, Director of Technology Services.

Videos: https://app.vidgrid.com/content/NQkOHap3c3I1