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Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies will be providing a new update for VidGrid that now allows faculty to see who has watched their videos as well as any results from surveys and quizzes made in VidGrid. With the limited number of accounts available to create in VidGrid, the only way students could access VidGrid videos before was anonymously. With this new update, students are given a VidGrid viewer account that allows VidGrid to recognize them when they log in to Blackboard.

Setting up an VidGrid Log In tool link.

Since this feature is accessed via a link in Blackboard, it’s easy for both faculty and students. Faculty simply need to create a tool link in their course menu in Blackboard and set their permissions in VidGrid to ‘only team members on my account’. In order to view videos, students just click on the tool link which will open a log-in portal. Students only need to click on the log-in link one time to be able to access videos. Once they do this, VidGrid can then track who watches the instructor’s video.

Log In link on the Course Menu.


The new update allows professors to see the names of the students who have watched the video, as well as how long they watched the video for. Faculty are also able to track student responses to in-video quizzes by downloading the quiz response spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will display students’ names as well as their response to each question. Faculty can begin using this VidGrid update during the summer 2018 semester.

Student Results


If you have any questions or if you’re interested in VidGrid, please contact Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies at

You can find the Knowledge Base tutorial at this link:

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