VoiceThread is a video conferencing tool and Blackboard building block used to promote sharing and teamwork. Upload images, documents, videos (including Youtube), and other files onto VoiceThread, which works on the Cloud, making it more convenient for users who often have different media players on their computers. Once files are connected, students can keep them private, share them with specific individuals or groups, or share them publicly. VoiceThread organizes the information into a presentation, which can be shared with a link or embedded into a web video. Any participant can comment on shared media through text, voice, webcam, or audio file, and all members have access to this feedback. VoiceThread also allows for users to search for comments. Next to the play button is a magnifying glass icon. Users can click the icon, and then search by either scrolling through a list of the names of people who have commented or by typing in the search bar. This is perfect for any course that includes criticism, analysis, group projects, or any other type of collaboration. Start today so your students can share their voice!

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