Yellowdig is an online social learning community that can be used within Blackboard. It has a modern, familiarfeel and is appropriate for today’s students, who thrive on online learning. With the feed and “pinning” style they’re used to, students have a better chance of participating in discussion with their peers–thus, learning! Yellowdig promotes collaboration, pushing the importance of sharing ideas to learn more. After all, everyone can benefit from learning another perspective. Students are awarded points for completing/receiving various tasks/feedback: posting, commenting, liking, and tagging–which is all terminology they’re used to and can thrive on. Teachers require a set number of points per week or semester, and then sync it to their online gradebook for ease and efficiency. Get your students started with Yellowdig today and see what knowledge they can dig up!


Click here to read my feature article on Yellowdig!

Click here to visit the Yellowdig website for more info!

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