June 24, 2024

Faculty Development Funding for Adjuncts

Apply for Funding to Attend
or Present at Conferences

All types of faculty are eligible and encouraged to apply for the Faculty Development Funding including adjunct, non-tenure track, tenure track, tenured, program specialists, and faculty teaching at our partner institutions. Applications are submitted in Workday Workflow and are accepted quarterly.


Which adjuncts are eligible?

Adjunct faculty who have been employed for 6 semesters are eligible to apply for faculty development funding?


How much funding is available each year?

Adjunct faculty are eligible for up to $800 of faculty development funds per person per year with the exception of faculty who are presenting, in which case the limit is $1,000.


What can Faculty Development Funds be used for?

Faculty development is defined as any activity that encourages faculty to acquire knowledge, skills, techniques, and attitudes to provide quality teaching and develop research/scholarly/creative activity and effective service at Fort Hays State University. Development is viewed as a process that is systematic and carefully planned. The plan is to be tailored to the individual and the individual’s contribution to the Department, the College, and the University. This is traditionally interpreted as conference registration, conference travel, workshops, webinars, and other professional development events but can be used for other resources too.


Before Submitting

Before submitting an application, please read the Definition, Criteria, and Procedures listed on the Office of the Provost’s website.

Application Deadlines

The Faculty Development Funding Committee will review applications twice per semester during the regular academic year. If approved, funding will be provided for a portion of the expenses. The deadline dates, including chair and dean approval, are September 20November 1February 1, and April 1. If the deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday, the applications are due the first working day after the weekend or holiday.