June 22, 2024

Course Development Questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

As a course developer, if you have ideas about redesigning your course or developing a new course but need help implementing those ideas in an online and/or blended learning environment, please contact an instructional designer. A TILT instructional designer has years of experience with online course design and development and collections of high-quality resources and examples to help you realize your great ideas and find solutions to your problems.

Course developers will work as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) collaboratively with the TILT cross-functional team to design and develop engaging and effective online courses. SMEs will be expected to fully develop high-quality, current, and relevant course content and provide their expertise regarding learning activities and assessments throughout the course development process. During this process, the instructional designer will be your go-to person if you have any questions and/or concerns about the course materials, learning activities, and assessments. Once you complete developing the course, the department chair and Assistant Provost for Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies will review the final product.


On average, it will take 16 weeks to develop a course. When developing a new course, course developers will need to identify learning objectives, find high-quality course materials, learning activities, and assessments from scratch.

Course developers will first submit their applications for course development. When approved courses are added to the course development pipeline, the assigned instructional designer (ID) will be notified of courses that need to be developed. The instructional designer will contact the course developer within one or two days. Please keep in mind the IDers work on multiple course development projects at the same time.  If the course developer is ready to develop a course but hasn’t been contacted by an IDer, it is strongly recommended to contact an IDer.

Without textbooks and course outcomes, course development cannot be initiated. If you are going to develop a new course, you will need to have the required textbooks and course outcomes ready to get your course first approved by related committees. Then, you will start course development with TILT IDers. The assigned IDer has limited time to develop a course with you; without course outcomes and textbooks, the assigned IDer won’t be able to suggest appropriate course content and assessments for your courses. The ID can provide assistance if you need to create new course outcomes to supplement existing ones.

If you need a course development extension, you will need to fill out an extension form to extend the course development timeline. Your assigned IDer will show you how to fill out the form. The extension form will forward to the department chair and Assistant Provost for Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies for confirmation.

You can talk with your department chair. If the department chair agrees, you can email the Assistant Provost for Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies and the assigned instructional designer about your decision. There is no contract or compensation for Pathway III developments.

You can always contact an ID or TigerLearn@fhsu.edu when you need help with your course development project. There is no application necessary. Pathway III is informal and consultative. There is no contract or compensation for Pathway III developments.

The TILT team includes instructional design (ID) and EdTech teams. The ID team focuses on course design and assessments-related technology. The EdTech team provides a deeper understanding of the specific technologies within our university. If you are not sure which team to contact, you can send an email to TigerLearn with questions. One of these team members will contact you back.