June 10, 2023

Faculty & Staff Writing Groups

Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs)

Many university centers for teaching and learning (CTLs) facilitate writing groups for interested faculty and staff. Participants report enjoying greater productivity and support, than when writing alone. Research shows that individuals attending at least 70% of writing group sessions report the greatest gains in productivity (Skarupski, 2018).

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Writing Group Details

Writing Accountability Groups are kept small, between 4-8 members. They meet weekly for 2 hours at a time. Members begin their meetings with approximately 10-15 minutes to share their progress over the past week and their goals for that day’s silent writing time. Then, after a silent writing period of about 90-100 minutes, the group members close with another 10-15 minutes to share the progress they made, and their writing goals for the next week.

More Information

Watch this short video presented by Nicole Frank, Faculty Development Coordinator, to learn more about WAGs


Research & Benefits

If interested, you can also read more about benefits and additional research about university faculty and staff writing groups here.

Faculty Development Team

Nicole M. Frank

Faculty Development Coordinator

Nicole has worked in college faculty support and development since 2010, and has taught college courses since 2003. She earned her BA in English from FHSU, her MEd in Adult Education and Training from Colorado State University, and is an EdD candidate at Baker University.

(785) 628-5721

Latisha D. Haag

Faculty Development Training Specialist

Latisha has nearly 20 years of experience from a variety of educational settings and topics. She earned her BS in education from Kansas Newman College, her MS in communication from FHSU, and also teaches as an adjunct.

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