June 17, 2024

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→ Are you a new adjunct at FHSU? Be sure to complete Adjunct Orientation (watch your email and/or talk to you chair) and if you have questions about getting started visit the Adjunct FAQ page. 

Learn new strategies and concepts for teaching and learning AND get $200 more per class by completing professional development courses. Registration for TILT 101, 201 or 301 for Fall 2024 is coming soon.

→ Going to a conference soon? Apply for Faculty Development Fund application before September 20. If you are planning to attend or present at a conference, you can apply for up to $800 in funding, if you are presenting at a conference, you can apply for up to $1,000. 

Adjunct Focus Group Sign Up

  • The Adjunct Faculty Development Committee (AFAC) is seeking your participation in a focus group to determine which passive learning resources you engage in and how these resources are used in your teaching. The information obtained from the focus group will be used to develop and redesign passive learning resources for adjuncts at FHSU.

  • Participation in the focus groups is voluntary. Focus groups will be completed in Fall 2024 via Zoom. Members of the AFAC will ask 7-10 questions in the focus group and the time involved should be less than one hour. We welcome your participation and unique perspective on this topic.

    To participate, please submit your contact information here: https://forms.gle/LDdYkAy83BHf8yJC9


Increase Pay through Training Courses

Enroll in TILT 101, 201 or 301
to earn more per credit hour

Apply for Funding to Attend or Present at Conferences

Learn about the
Faculty Development Fund

Important Dates

Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award

The Adjunct Recognition program was developed to honor adjunct faculty in each college who provide an outstanding online learning environment.

Eligibility is determined based on teaching experience, course evaluations, and the approval of one’s department chair and college dean.

A certificate and monetary award are presented at the University's annual Fall Convocation.

New to FHSU?

Welcome to Fort Hays State University. There are several onboarding checklists created to get you oriented with the information you need to get started. Additionally, during the first two weeks of the semester, new adjuncts will complete New Adjunct Orientation, through TILT, which will provide additional context and details to orienting you to FHSU.

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