June 17, 2024


Online course quality review rubric (OSCQR) and regular and substantive interaction (RSI) guidelines are essential components of high-quality online course design. The rubric and guidelines provide best practices on course design for faculty. 

At TILT, instructional designers assist faculty in applying the OSCQR rubric. The rubric is intended to help faculty identify areas for improvement regarding course design, provide directions for course revisions, and ultimately improve the overall quality of their program. The rubric helps faculty ensure that their online courses are engaging, accessible, and inclusive for all learners, meeting accreditation and federal requirements.  

Federal US Department of Education (DoE) regulatory definitions of distance education require that institutions should ensure regular and substantive interaction between a student and an instructor (S).

RSI must be:

Introduction to OSCQR and RSI

Introducing the OSCQR Rubric for Quality Online Courses

Why is OSCQR and get OSCQR – SUNY Online Course Quality Review Rubric 

Regular & Substantive Interaction

Updated definition of distance education and what is and what is not considered to be RSI

Support and Resources

OSCQR Rubric

Obtain the OSCQR rubric in PDF format, interactive format, and rubric dashboard.

OSCQR Website

Where you can view detailed explanations of each standard.

RSI Examples

Which list of examples of RSI you can implement in your course.