June 18, 2024

Tenure & Promotion

Faculty and library faculty in tenure-track positions have the opportunity to earn tenure through successful completion of the tenure process. The Office of the Provost provides electronic notification of the timeline for those in the tenure-track process. Additionally, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and other resources about tenure and promotion are available on the Provost's website. A panel is held each fall addressing the steps in the tenure process and every other year, a panel is offered that focuses on the promotion process.

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tenure and promotion

2024 Promotion Panel

Introduction from Provost Jill Arensdorf Overview of Tenure/Promotion and Annual Eval/Merit: Jill Arensdorf and Amber Nickell Developing a Vision that Leads to Action to Promotion: Angela Walters Making a Case: Ginger Williams and Tim Davis

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tenure and promotion

2023 Tenure Panel

Click the links to watch the recording for each item discussed during the 2023 Tenure Panel Introduction from Provost Jill Arensdorf. Jeff Briggs and Seth Kastle share Definitions and Department Criteria. Laura Wilson and Chris

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tenure and promotion

Spring 2022 Promotion Panel

Please see the full video recording from the Spring 2022 Promotion Panel. Discussions: Overview of Promotion Process: Jill Arensdorf Levels & Types of Promotion: Janett Naylor-Tincknell Developing a Vision that Leads to Action: Emily Breit,

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Faculty Development Team

Nicole M. Frank

Director of Professional Development

Nicole has worked in college faculty support and development since 2010, and has taught college courses since 2003. She earned her BA in English from FHSU, and her MEd in Adult Education and Training from Colorado State University, and is an EdD candidate at Baker University.

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