Would you like a digital assessment alternative to Scantron that still utilizes paper testing forms? Akindi could be the solution you need. Akindi is a Blackboard tool that allows you to design and process your exams digitally while still being able to administer them on paper. You are able to create exams directly in Akindi with just a few clicks of the mouse and then print them off for students to take. Once your exams are ready to be graded, you can simply use the new multi-functioning printers in your department to scan and email the results and data to your Akindi specific email. Akindi then sends the scores directly to Blackboard with one click, putting student’s grades in the gradebook for you. Akindi is a secure way to efficiently create and grade exams while also saving you time.

If you would like to use Akindi, contact Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies at tigerlearn@fhsu.edu.

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