June 22, 2024

Blackboard Help: Students

FHSU's Blackboard/Instructional Technology Support

Click the links below to contact FHSU’s Blackboard Support Team

Blackboard Support Phone

Call us at 785-628-5275. (please leave contact info in messages)

Blackboard Support Chat

You can chat directly with a Blackboard Support worker.

Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation


From the moment you log in, you have access to core features in the list where your name appears. You can easily return to the list from wherever you are—even if you’re in a course. The list peeks from behind the other layers you have open. The activity stream displays all the action in all your courses.

When you select any link from the list, you see a global view across all your courses. For example, Grades shows all your grading tasks organized by course. No need to navigate to each course to see what’s ready for grading.

How to Manage Your Profile and Notification Settings