June 17, 2024

Empower Your Teaching with Blackboard Ultra Workshops

Workshop 1
Transitioning Original Courses to Ultra Courses
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Workshop 2
Empowering Instructors with the AI Design Assistant
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Workshop 3
Gradebook Management
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Workshop 1: Transitioning Original Courses to Ultra Courses

In this workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of the differences between Original and Ultra Courses, explore features unique to each, and learn valuable course preparation techniques for a smooth conversion. You’ll leave equipped with the tools to reorganize course content, update assessments, and perform quality assurance checks.

Workshop 2: Empowering Instructors with the AI Design Assistant

Discover the game-changing AI Design Assistant and how it can revolutionize your course development process. Learn to incorporate stunning Unsplash images, build streamlined course structures, and create rubrics that align with your learning objectives. Harness the power of AI to generate tailored gradable events and question banks that engage and challenge your students.

Workshop 3: Gradebook Management

Master the art of effective gradebook management in Blackboard Ultra. Understand grading workflows, configure the gradebook to accommodate various course modalities, and identify tools that fit your unique grading strategy. Learn to organize the gradebook, create custom columns, and develop grading schemas that align with your academic standards. Leverage the gradebook to monitor student progress and increase your efficiency.