Atomic Learning in Bb Guide

What is Atomic Learning?

Atomic Learning offers thousands of short tutorials covering common software applications and computer tasks.

How do I access Atomic Learning?

We have integrated access to Atomic Learning within Blackboard so that students and faculty can access the tutorials at no cost and without re-authenticating in the following areas:

The Bb Home page: Tools area in one of your Courses: Instructors can add Atomic Learning tutorials in any Content area in the Bb shell using the Build Content tab or through Mashups in the Text Editor (in Discussion Boards, Items, Wiki, Journals etc…)


Adding an Atomic Learning Video to your Blackboard Course

(Mashup Method)

1-In your Blackboard course, navigate to the Content Area you want to put Atomic Learning videos in. Click on “Build Content”.


2-Under “Mashups” click “Atomic Learning”.


3-Search the Atomic Learning Library for videos. Select the application or subject. You can choose a topic and category if you would like to narrow your search.


4- Select the level of training (Intro, Intermediate, etc.).


5-Select the video(s) you wish to add. You can preview videos before adding them.


6- Click “Select” at the bottom of the screen.


Links to training videos are placed in a folder on the desktop:


Students can click to open videos without logging in to Atomic Learning. Videos open in a new window.


Link in Course Menu

1-Click the plus sign at the top of the course menu (Add Menu Item). Click on Tool Link.


2-For Name enter “Atomic Learning”. In the Type drop-down menu, select “Atomic Learning Website Access”.


3-Check “Available to Users”. Click “Submit.”